Monday, August 3, 2009

Home Insulation Grants or Threat of Higher Taxes – what’s your pick?

Sure, home insulation grants are monetary bliss by removing strain of hefty expenses from fitting requisite insulation measures to your home. Still, if you are anyhow willing to resist recent insulation necessities especially when these have direct links to reducing risks of temperature rise, you are to be punished with higher taxes as per Government’s advisers. Householders might be imposed with higher stamp duty and council tax, had they been unwilling to turn their home and environment green with insulation means. Therefore, do not stay behind in applying for home insulation grants and wrap your home with blanket of apt insulation such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, floor insulation or double glazing.

An environmental pressure group being selected by ministers will be employed to inspect and hammer house holders who would deny any type of home insulation or double glazing measures. On the other hand, they have decided to induce ‘green mortgages’ alongside those high tax based punishments to promote further money saving benefits of becoming energy efficient. These ‘green mortgages’’ are meant to offer loans to finance purchase of energy efficient products such as solar energy panels etc.

These penalties and loan assistance are nothing but government’s attempt to evoke energy efficiency among people who are not yet deploying home insulation methods or other energy saving measures. Although recent surveys have brought positive reports stating public are becoming aware of importance and blessing of various home insulation measures.

More and more number of homes are under the treat of fuel poverty as energy bills are steadily mounting up to 125% in the past five years. At present, millions of homes are spending even more than 10 percent of their household income on such utility bills pushing them toward fuel poverty gradually. In this scenario, appropriate home insulation methods as per your home’s vulnerability to heat transfer will be the ultimate solution and of utmost important. What, won’t you want a greener house and environment to breathe and live safely?

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