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Wednesday 18th April 2007

Alex Good
HES Advisor

elcome to the first entry on the Energy blog. I’m going to be attempting to pull together energy related news from across the web along with a bit of analysis, hopefully this will be entertaining as well as informative.
As you’ve probably noticed this site is a bit rough and ready but we will be improving it as we go on. We will be adding a comments section as soon as possible so we can get a bit of discussion going; energy efficiency and climate change being the contentious issues that they are.

Anyway, here’s something to keep you occupied until the next post.

An interesting site I actually found on a link on the new scientist Environment Blog. I don’t know anything about Chris Jordan but the various samples of his work on the website suggest that his art has an environmental twist. Either way, I found that these images made the facts and statistics behind climate change much more real, something which is quite valuable considering the deluge of meaningless numbers we are bombarded with every day.

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