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“How will I benefit from insulating my loft?” If you are asking yourself this question then let us help you: your home, as well as the environment, will benefit in several ways by having insulation installed to the current standard, and not least, by using our UK Energy Advice service to arrange the best insulation grant for you.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, an average sized property installed with 270mm (or 8”) of loft insulation can expect:

1. Saving on heating bills of up to £180 to £220 pounds every year
2. Reduced CO2 emission by up to 400kg
3. Greater comfort in both winter and summer
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Although around nine million properties have been insulated up to a depth of 100mm, by today’s standards this is considered insufficient. Both the UK and EEC regulators recommend a depth of 270mm for loft insulation to ensure that your house will block heat loss (in winter) as well as heat gain (in summer), and reduce energy consumption. :

Government literature also states that correctly installed loft insulation is highly effective, lowering 20 per cent of the home’s energy bills. To ensure maximum effectiveness we advise that the work should be carried out by a professionally trained and proficient installer.

In general terms, three types of materials have been accepted as the British Standard for loft insulation: they are mineral wool quilt, blown cellulose fiber, and blown mineral wool. While mineral wool quilt is spread across the loft area, blown mineral wool and blown cellulose fiber are installed by specialists using specialist equipment.

TEffective insulation can be achieved with mineral wool quilt rolled out on top and between the ceiling joists. Loft insulation laid out in this manner works by trapping the movement of heated air within the fibre matting of the insulation material.:

Loose fill insulation materials that are blown into position are particularly effective in restricted areas, such as in the eaves of a low profile roof where the material can be blown into every difficult to reach nook and cranny.

Qualified and competent loft insulation professionals manage all aspects of the installation, including checking that there is adequate ventilation to prevent condensation in the loft area, and checking the safety issues related to electrical fittings and wiring.

If you would like your loft insulated to the Government’s recommendations, and receive a standard homeowner’s grant to pay for 50% of the cost – more if you receive certain benefits or allowances, please call us. We can arrange for an approved surveyor to check out your loft and provide all the grant details – at no cost to you. .

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