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Cavity Wall Insulation Grants and Loft Insulation Grants available now
Insulation Grants
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Home Insulation – we’re here to help…

You can trust our experience and knowledge to locate the Home Insulation experts that best suit your individual needs.

Fill in the form below and we’ll help you find a reliable and professional company that will give you a free ‘no obligation’ survey for the service you require.

Alternatively, please call us on the freephone number at the top of the screen and we can take your answers over the phone or CLICK HERE to request a call back

PLEASE NOTE: The information that you provide will not be given or sold to any third parties.

About you:

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Daytime Telephone :
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Email Address :
Are you in receipt of any 
Benefits, Allowances or 
If yes which one? 
About the property:
Do you own the property?
Have you had a previous grant in the last 10 years for the same work?
Have you had a visit from a surveyor for the work?
About the loft:  (Only complete if interested in loft insulation)
Was the property built in 2000 or later?
Does the loft have a hatch for access?
Is there room for someone to work in the loft?
Has the loft been converted?
Is the loft boarded?
Roughly when was the loft last insulated?
How deep is the present insulation?
Is the loft empty, or can it be emptied?
Any other relevant information?
About the cavity:  (Only complete if interested in cavity insulation)
Roughly how old is the property?
Does it have cavity walls?
Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form. Once you have pressed submit button below, we will receive your details and start searching for the best scheme on your behalf. You will receive a response from us within the next 24 hours.