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Reduce your Telephone Bill

There are today a large number of telephone companies offering cheap phone calls and worthwhile savings. Many offer monthly packages with cheap phone calls, some offer special flat-rate services for a fixed monthly fee - sometimes with free calls to certain destinations!

But which one is the best for you? If you have a BT phone line and just want to reduce the cost of your calls then a company like Equitalk provides a number of UK Landline Savings Plans, each offering savings on the actual call charges. They also provide an high speed, high quality broadband service.

Equitalk is a specialist landline telecoms company and that has been saving money for thousands of its customers for over 5 years. In an independent survey 95% of its customers were Satisfied, Very Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with the service.

It works very efficiently and simply - there are no codes to dial or boxes to plug in. You keep your BT line and number and continue to pay BT for line rental (BT will fix faults). But the calls are routed through the highest quality phone networks (Tier-1) so you won't notice any difference from BT.

Equitalk is the UK 's first ‘e-telco’ and uses the internet to provide a high quality, automated, paperless service. They email statements once a month and collect payment by Direct Debit or credit / debit card. All customers are able to join and manage their accounts on-line on its secure web site.

This means they are able to minimise costs that they pass on to customers as savings on their phone bill, without compromising service quality. Another interesting aspect of the savings to be made is that all Equitalk customers talk to each other for free – so it pays to get friends and family on board as well.

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